Suominnova Oy

“Suominnova Oy” is new International Trade company based in Finland, focusing on serving Finnish market by exporting and importing high-quality products and raw materials between Finland and MENA region with European quality and standards. We are targeting in near future to serve all European markets as well.

We are more than 25 years of experience in MENA markets, working in manufacturing and trading in high-quality raw material and Finnished products, that meet European standards.

From the other side; this long experience gave us the knowledge about these markets’ needs, that can be fulfilled with the European high-tech products, and raw material that not available in MENA.

As well; we have a long business relation with European manufacturers and producers, we cooperate to export the high-tech products, and high-quality raw material needed in MENA region.

We have a sister company in Egypt (Egyptian Finnish Company – EFC) to facilitate all Import and Export activities and procedures as well as doing all needed marketing research and activities aiming to guarantee  stable business and easy access of European suppliers to MENA region.

Our exist in Finland is for two reasons:

First; to cooperate with Finnish manufacturers and producers in exporting their products to MENA region, support them to better access the markets, and guarantee the availability of the products in the market to create trust and dependency with customers.

Second; to serve Finnish markets with importing all needed goods from MENA region, and to expand to all European markets with all quality proven products.

“Suominnova Oy” is importing and exporting various products, depending on markets demands and the experience of our well selected candidates in each line of business, we are serving our customers in the following markets:

  • Agricultural Corps.
  • Textile and Apparel.
  • Printing and Packaging.
  • Hand-Made crafts and oriental products.


“Suominnova OY” will afford some other products according to the continues market research, and we are welcoming to grape all opportunities, ideas, and advices to better serve our customers. We are happy to work on sole distributer or agency-based agreement with all reputable suppliers, in a fruitful partnership work environment

Our Vision:

Suominnova Oy !

“Suominnova Oy” To be one of the top, well recognized, and trusted Import and Export companies between Europe and MENA regions by year 2030.

Our Vision:

Our Mission:

Suominnova Oy !

  • We are targeting wholesalers, big stores and retailers (B2B).
  • Highlight the market awareness about our company competitive edges.
    • Our company base in Finland, with other office in Lithuania to easy access European markets (aiming to increase our offices by time and when needed).
    • Our long-time and deep experience in Arab countries markets, with sister company in Egypt and offices with free license partners in some other Arabian countries, to easy access Arab countries’ markets, and MENA region as well.
    • High qualified candidates in management, marketing, Import and export activities.
    • High qualified experts in our line of business, Food supply, Textile supply, printing and packaging, …others.
  • Building up our selected team members, with talented, well trained, skilled, customer oriented “partner employees”, and keep developing them by continuous training, motivation in a family and partnership work environment.
  • Building up long term, stable, and profitable business relationship between our company and all our customers and partners, by affording high quality services and products, with competitive price, on time delivery, and after sale service and follow up.
  • Continuous markets study, aiming to understand end customer’s needs to satisfy their needs.
  • Continuous propping for new products to afford and new markets to serve aiming to expand our business.
  • To catch up with technological development, by constantly developing means of communication with customers and suppliers.
  • Continuous development of the means of products supply, delivery and distribution channels.
  • To increase our offices and / or company’s branches, freelancers’ partners employees, to cover more markets and territories.